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Internet Maximum has created several pages in the online community. Here are some examples of our best works:

E-Spin Magazine

This is the web site that earned two of our members a bronze medal at the Skills Canada Competition for Alberta. It's clean look and nice menu interface add to the overall quality of the page. Also, the fact that it is cross-browser compatible makes it that much better.

Hunting Hills High School

The Hunting Hills High School page was created with organization in mind. The interface is easy to use because primary links revolve around the logo at the top of the page (The user is attracted to that location), and then sub-links are below, beside the article. The color scheme is also appealing to the eye.

Discussion Forum

This page allows gamers from mainly the Alberta area to interact with one another and catch up on the latest happenings around the gaming and computer community. All CGI, graphics, content, and HTML were done by members of the Internet Maximum team.

im Gaming

This layout was designed with gamers in mind. It is quite clean and the users are always no more than two clicks away from more content. It provides information fast for the user.

Tribes 2 Web Site

This is another web site devoted to the players of the computer game Tribes 2. It was a test bed for an Internet Maximum member to extend their knowledge on PHP and MySQL databases and integrate it with other sites.

Internet Maximum

The Internet Maximum layout provides easy access with a clean look. The rollover images on the menu add to the experience.

We are always updating our best works with new examples of projects. Please make return visits to see these new web sites.

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